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2022/2023 Schedule

Sunday Classes

Int/Adv Ballet Technique with Melanie    Ages 14+*    5:00pm-6:30pm     $128 

Int/Adv Jazz/Hip Hop with Melanie      Ages 14+*     6:30pm-7:30pm     $112     

Teen Dance Troop with Melanie      Ages 14+*     7:30pm-8:00pm     Free   

(MUST take preceding two classes to qualify.)

*13 year olds may attend this class WITH TEACHER PERMISSION

Monday Classes

Beginner Hip Hop with Melanie     Ages 5-8                 3:30pm-4:15pm     $104


Ballet Technique with Calista     Ages 10+*    4:30pm-5:30pm     $112 THIS CLASS IS FULL!

Jazz/Hip Hop with Melanie     Ages 10+*         5:30pm-6:30pm     $112  THIS CLASS IS FULL!

Dance Troop with Melanie     Ages 10+*     6:30pm-7:00pm     Free   

(MUST take preceding two classes to qualify.)

*9 year olds who danced last year with Melanie may also attend this class.

Adult Beginner Ballet with Melanie   7:15pm-8:30pm     $120

Tuesday Classes

Int/Adv Ballet Technique with Calista     Ages 10+     4:00pm-5:30pm     $128

(MUST take either Sunday or Monday Ballet to qualify)

Pre-Pointe/Pointe Class with Calista     Ages 12+     5:30pm-6:30pm     $112

(MUST take preceding Ballet technique to qualify.)

Hip Hop with Calista     Ages 12+     6:45pm-7:45pm     $112

Hip Hop Rep with Calista     Ages 12+     7:45pm-8:30pm     $52

(MUST take preceding Hip Hop class AND have teacher permission)

Wednesday Classes

Pre-Ballet with Melanie   Ages 4-7        4:00pm-4:45pm     $104       THIS CLASS IS FULL!

Ballet with Melanie     Ages 6-9     5:00pm-6:00pm     $112  

Conditioning/Stretch/Floor Barre Combo with Melanie  Ages 12 - adult   6:15pm-7:00pm     $104

(This class is the perfect addition to the Adult Class that follows.)

Adult Jazz/Hip Hop with Melanie          7:15pm-8:30pm     $120

Thursday Classes

Hip Hop with Calista    ages 8+     4:00pm-4:45pm     $104


Contemporary with Ashley    Ages 8+     5:00pm-6:00pm     $112


Contemporary with Ashley     Ages 13-adult       6:15pm-7:30pm     $120   

Contemporary Rep with Calista    Ages 13-adult     7:30-8:15pm     $104

(Must take preceding Contemporary class to qualify.)

Friday Classes

Low Impact Beginner Cardio Hip Hop for Adults with Melanie     10:00am-10:45am    $104


Adult Stretch/Conditioning with Melanie     10:45am-11:30am     $104


Creative Movement with Shae-Lynn    Ages 3-6     4:00pm-4:45pm     $104  

Jazz with Shae-Lynn     Ages 6-9     5:00pm-6:00pm     $112

Private and semi-private instruction is available upon request.

Student/assistant teacher: Michaela LaCrosse

Pricing above reflects the cost for one 8-week session. All classes are cumulative in nature, so it is highly recommended that students register in September and continue through May 2023. Payment is due by the first class of each session. There are no weekday classes during school vacation weeks.

All classes are held at 931 Winslows Mills Road in Waldoboro.


2022/2023 Session Dates:

Session I: September 7th-November 1st  (8 weeks)

Session II: November 2nd-January 8th (8 weeks)

Session III: January 9th-March 11th (8 weeks)

Session IV: March 12th-May 13th  (8 weeks)

Class sizes are limited. Please click here to reserve your spot.


We will follow CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19.


Photo credits: Calista Pagurko

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